1500 Jobs Added To Offshore Rig Builder Lamprell Workforce

Published at 03:27PM - 27/11/15

Lamprell has increased its workforce by as much as 1500, due to a busy workload, according to the company’s latest trading update.

The offshore oil, gas and drilling jackup builder, has said that both its current order book and output from its fabrication yards are beating all previous records.

New Build Rigs

The Isle of Man based firm said that its Hamriyah yard, in the UAE, alone currently has seven new build rigs under construction.  The concurrent building activity has been due impart to measures taken by Lamprell, to heavily optimise the yard in oder to increase its capacity.

The company has also sought to increase productivity though out the yard’s fabrication processes.

Further, Lamprell said that its rig refurbishment arm, is also seeing modest levels of growth, whilst many of its yard across the United Arab Emirates being used to stack rigs from across the world.


Commenting on the news, Lamprell CEO, James Moffat, said: “While Lamprell isn’t immune to on-going headwinds in the oil & gas markets, we are pleased to see that our early implementation of the efficiency measures under Project Evolution has positioned the Group to be competitive, which will be key for our future success.

“These actions have allowed us to retain and even build our project workforce, improve our efficiency levels to maintain operational performance, and remain commercially competitive in an  environment of increased pricing pressure.”

“From this position of relative strength, we remain positive about Lamprell’s longer term prospects as the pipeline is strong with a firm focus on conversion.”