350 Oil Jobs Lost in Norway

Published at 05:34PM - 28/09/16

According to the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association, approximately 350 oil jobs have been lost in Norway following the oil service strike that started a week ago.

More than 300 oil service workers had gone on strike after mediation over the collective oil service agreement between the Norwegian union (Industri Energy) had failed.

“The strike called by the Norwegian Union of Industry and Energy Workers (Industry Energy) has had major consequences for drilling and well operations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). The number of workers laid off as a result now exceeds the total who have actually downed tools,” the Association said in a statement.

350 Oil Jobs Lost in Norway

The 350 people have been laid off by Baker Hughes, Schlumberger and Halliburton, with the vast majority being Baker Hughes workers.

Over the next few days, further layoffs are expected in various companies who have been directly or indirectly affected by the stoppage, the Association informed further.

350 Oil Jobs Lost in Norway
The strike involved more than 300 workers

According to the statement, the companies are laying people off because jobs have been shut down on offshore installations.

With several rigs stopping operations, some of the personnel working on the facilities are no longer required.

This will affect technical staff, logistics personnel, employees at workshops on land. In essence, “all the people who work every day to keep a rig in operation no longer have anything to do as a result of the strike”.

Strike Puts Jobs at Risk

“The companies are already in a financially challenging position. We find it very regrettable that companies and employees end up in a position where jobs are put at risk,” Norwegian Oil and Gas Association lead negotiator Jan Hodneland, said.

The strike had begun on Wednesday 21 September and has already lasted for a week.

Overall, Industry Energy has taken out approximately 300 of its members in Schlumberger Norge AS, Baker Hughes Norge AS, Halliburton AS, Oceaneering AS and Oceaneering Asset Integrity AS.