Accident Wrecks Noble Corp Jackup Drilling Rig

Published at 07:08PM - 01/03/16

Accident wrecks Noble Corp jackup drilling rig during construction work at Sembcorp’s Singapore shipyard, causing minor injuries to workers.

Noble Corporation confirmed the news Tuesday stating its “new build jackup rig, the Noble Lloyd Noble, sustained damage on February 28, 2016”.

Accident Wrecks Noble Corp Jackup Drilling Rig

The offshore drilling contractor said the incident had occurred after one of Sembcorp Marine’s shipyard cranes suffered the collapse of its boom.

The crane boom is believed to have fallen causing severe damage to an isolated area of the rig on impact. The incident also caused minor injuries to members of the Sembcorp workforce.


The Noble Lloyd Noble was in its latter stages on construction with, delivery scheduled for the second quarter of 2016 and, its first contract due to start during the third quarter of 2016 with Statoil.

Noble have said that at the current time they are unable to give any further details on the extent of the damage, and if the driller is likely to meet its contract start date, although they can confirm that one of the rig’s cranes has been damaged.

The spokesman said: “A thorough rig damage assessment is required before a revised schedule of delivery and contract commencement can be determined.”

“The Singapore Ministry of Manpower has commenced an investigation into the cause of the incident and access to the rig is limited during the initial phase of the investigation.”


No comment has been given by Sembcorp Marine.


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