Accidents on the Rise Offshore Norway

Published at 04:58PM - 17/10/16

Two Norwegian workers’ unions, Industri Energi and Safe, expressed their concern regarding the increasing frequency with which accidents are taking place on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).

This follows three separate incidents that happened in the region over the past weekend alone.

“It is worrying and it is not a good situation if three serious events happen in such a short period of time,” Industri Energi National Secretary Håkon Bjerkeli said.

Accidents on the Rise Offshore Norway

First, a well control accident occurred on the Songa Endurance drilling rig on Saturday, which resulted in Statoil evacuating 20 out of 107 workers from the facility.

The incident took place at the Troll field, which has since been secured with a blowout preventer around the drill string on the seabed and a valve on the rig.

“Personnel without work assignments in connection with the incident will now be removed from the rig,” Statoil explained in a statement.

Accidents on the Rise Offshore Norway
The Statfjord A platform was hit by a fire on Sunday

The following day, a fire broke out at Statoil’s Statfjord A platform, leading to a temporary production shutdown.

Later on Sunday, a gas alarm was triggered at the Gullfaks A platform, forcing Statoil to shut down production, which was later restored.

“Worrying” Situation on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

According to Bjerkeli, this weekend’s events are not correlated and it is still too early to know the causes, but it is clear that a warning needs to be sent out to the industry.

He explained that Industri Energi is hearing from its representatives that this type of accidents is happening with an increasing frequency.

“This worries us and it is something we have feared for a long time,” he said.

“It is time that the PSA (Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority) becomes more aggressive and performs inspections on the facilities,” he added.

Accidents on the Rise Offshore Norway
Industri Energi is sending a warning to the whole industry

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