Accommodation Vessel Still Without Towline In North Sea

Published at 09:13AM - 06/01/16

The Safe Bristolia accommodation vessel is still without a towline, four days after breaking loose during a heavy North Sea Storm.

The 13,876 tonne vessel broke loose from its tug, whilst undertow from the UK to Poland on 0746 GMT, after the tow line snapped in a heavy storm.

Accommodation Vessel Still Without Towline

Since then, the vessels owners Prosafe have been attempting to get a new towline reattached although the heavy seas and weather continue to hamper their efforts.

Safe Bristolia had been drifting heavily, with 53 personnel onboard when it first broke free however slowed, to a rate of 1.5 knots after the Barge Master deployed one of the vessels anchors, allowing a rescue helicopter to evacuate 20 personnel.

According to Prosafe the vessel has now stopped and has managed to keep its position under the hold its emergency anchor.

A Prosafe spokeswoman said Tuesday (Jan 5th): “Since yesterday evening, the vessel has kept its position, and the crew will attempt to reinstate the tow later today. Prosafe are continuing to monitor the situation, working in close cooperation with the coastguard.”

After contacting Prosafe Wednesday (Jan 6th), the spokeswoman told Offshore Post : “Safe Bristolia’s position remains unchanged. The vessel has held position for the last 48 hours with Anchor Handling Vessel in attendance. We are waiting for a break in the weather before re-establishing the main tow.”

North Sea Storms

On Thursday (Dec 31st), Eide Barge 33 semisubmersible barge also broke free in heavy North Sea Storms.

The Eide Barge 33 came adrift in Dutch waters, and was carried by a storm North in the the Norwegian sector, causing the evacuation of both the BP Valhall and the ConocoPhillips Eldfisk platforms to its north. In total around 300 offshore oil and gas workers were evacuated.