Aibel Wins $74 Million Johan Sverdrup Oil Field Work

Published at 12:39PM - 15/10/15

Norwegian oil and gas service company, Aibel, has announced the win of a contract from Statoil for the giant Johan Sverdrup offshore oil field.

The contract will see Aibel, engineer and construct the mains power converter station for Johan Sverdrup, located 140 km (87 mi) away, offshore Stavanger.

Other work includes trenching and laying both power and fibre optic cables to link the Haugsneset converter station to the main power supply at Kårstø.

Johan Sverdrup Power

The Johan Sverdrup field will be powered via electrical cable from shore, as opposed to the conventional diesel powered generators located on platform.  The unconventional move has been utilised to limit the amount of CO2 the Johan Sverdrup oil field produces.

From the onshore Haugsneset station, alternating current (AC) power will be converted into direct current (DC) before being sent offshore to the Johan Sverdrup field via 200 km (124 mi) of subsea electrical cable.

Once at the oil field, the DC power will be converted back to AC, at ‘field centre’, before being supplied to the different areas of the oil field.

Oil And Gas Jobs

The work is set to start immediately, and will secure the employment of around 60 of Aibel’s oil and gas workers, specialised in building such power modules.

The initial work will be the engineering phase, based at Aibel’s head office in Oslo, before onsite fabrication work starts across Haugesund and Kårstø, with work being sustained to completion, due in September 2018.

Aibel CEO, Jan Skogseth, said: “We recently delivered our first conversion platform for wind energy to Germany and we previously had major conversion work on the Troll platform. For us, this is therefore an important and natural continuation which consolidates our position in this field,”