Another Oil Spill From Giant Offshore Statfjord Field

Published at 06:28PM - 26/10/15

Statoil’s giant offshore Statfjord field, has reported a further oil spill- the second such incident in as many weeks.

Norwegian state owned Statoil, has confirmed the spill, with the company’s spokesman, Morten Eek, saying: “We had a minor leak while preparing to load on Sunday.”

The spill will be the second from the offshore Norwegian field in as many weeks, after a similar incident on the 8th October, in which oil spilled during bunkering operations from the Statfjord’s OLS B loading buoy to the waiting Hilda Knutsen oil tanker.

Speaking further on the matter, Eek said: “All loadings are stopped, but we don’t see a need to stop the production as we have good storage capacity and flexibility to reroute oil from the field via integrated pipeline system,”

Since the spill on the 8th October, Oslo based environmental group Bellona have made comments in the press, hinting that they would be willing to take Statoil to court over the incident.  The latest incident has seen a further estimated 400 litres spilled into the sea.