Awilco Drilling Rig Resumes North Sea Ops

Published at 04:25PM - 27/06/16

Awilco Drilling has confirmed today that its semisubmersible drilling rig WilPhoenix has moored at Apache North Sea’s drilling location and has resumed operations.

The Aberdeen-based company’s drilling rig has been at Apache’s drilling location in the Storr field since Sunday, June 26, Awilco informed.

“Awilco Drilling PLC is pleased to confirm that the WilPhoenix has moored at Apache’s drilling location on the Storr field and resumed operations last night, 26 June,” Awilco Drilling said in a statement.

Awilco Drilling Rig Resumes North Sea Ops

Earlier this month, Awilco announced the rig was ready to leave the yard in Hartlepool around the 22nd of June and resume operations at Apache’s first drilling location around the 26th June.

The drilling rig still has 20 months left under its three-year contract.

“WilPhoenix is one of Awilco Drilling’s two enhanced pacesetter semi-submersibles and is equipped for drilling in water depths up to 1,200 feet,” Awilco explained.

Yard Stay Under Budget

In April, the 1982-built rig had completed the yard stay in Hartlepool and Awilco considered the rig to be “in all respects, ready to drill awaiting Apache North Sea Ltd’s instructions to resume operations”. However, Apache did not agree that it was ready to drill, not that Awilco Drilling was entitled to a standby rate.

At the time, Awilco reported that the total cost for the yard stay and the installation of the new BOP had been below the buget, at US$42.5 million (£32.19 million).

Awilco Drilling owns two enhanced pacesetter semisubmersible drilling rigs, which have recently been recertified, overhauled and upgraded. The company’s other semi-sub, WilHunter, has been stacked in Invergordon since July 2015.