Awilco Drilling To Restart North Sea Apache

Published at 09:36AM - 29/02/16

Awilco Drilling to restart North Sea Apache contract as the WilPhoenix semisubmersible drilling rig undergoes final inspections.

The UK based offshore drilling contractor said Monday that its WilPhoenix rig is: “awaiting final project acceptance by Apache North Sea Ltd”

Awilco Drilling To Restart North Sea

The WilPhoenix is on a three year contract with Apache North Sea, currently on hold at 22 months to allow the drilling rig time to complete its five yearly inspection.

Awilco added that the yard say at Able’s Hartlepool base, is due to come in under the initial estimation of US$ 42.5 million.

The driller remains in the Hartlepool yard, with a total backlog of US$ 258 million remaining on the Apache North Sea contract.

WilPhoenix Drilling Rig

The WilPhoenix drilling rig was delivered in 1982 by Gotaverken Arendal shipyard, Sweden.

A midwater semisubmersible, WilPhoenix has the capability to operate in a maximum water depth of 1,200 feet (366m), and drill to a maximum depth of 25,000 feet (7,620m)