Bibby Offshore Win BP North Sea ETAP Contract

Published at 12:34PM - 15/12/15

Bibby Offshore, an offshore subsea services contractor, has been awarded a multimillion pound contract from oil and gas supermajor BP for work on the North Sea ETAP project.

The Eastern Trough Area Project (ETAP), is in the process of undergoing an extensive $1 billion (£660 million) redevelopment and life extension program, and is often seen as one of the most complex offshore areas of development in the North Sea.

Located in the UK Central North Sea, ETAP is made-up of nine oil and gas reservoirs, spread across an area of 22 miles (35km) in diameter. 

Six of ETAP’s fields: Machar; Mirren and Madoes; Marnock; Monan; Mungo; are operated by BP. The remaining three: Heron; Egret and Skua are operated by Shell.

The life extension project is expected to see ETAP continue producing until at least 2030.

Bibby Offshore

The contract with BP will see Bibby supply, structure installation and commissioning, throughout all six of the BP operated fields.

The subsea firm will also conduct subsea trenching, umbilical installation and the installation of a new subsea control system designed to safeguard both communication and power to the area.

Work is scheduled to start in April 2016. No information has been given to actual contract value and the expected duration of work.

Bibby Offshore CEO, Howard Woodcook, said: “This is a significant contract win for Bibby Offshore, and we are delighted to be working with BP again, having previously undertaken subsea intervention work for BP in 2014.

“The contract award as part of this high-profile life extension project highlights our wide range of subsea services and affirms our capability to consistently and successfully deliver complex and challenging projects for our clients.”