CHC Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing On False Alarm

Published at 11:23AM - 13/06/16

An offshore helicopter owned by CHC was forced to make an emergency landing on a North Sea platform offshore Norway on Friday.

The aircraft departed from a drilling rig operated by Total and made the unscheduled landing 26.7 miles away, on BP’s Ula platform, with 16 people on board – two pilots and 14 passengers.

“A CHC operated Sikorsky S92 helicopter departing at 0921 from the drilling rig Maersk Gallant to Stavanger/Sola got alarm indicating low oil pressure in the gearbox shortly after takeoff”, Total Norge said in a statement emailed to Offshore Post.

Breaking: CHC Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing On False Alarm

According to Total’s spokesman Leif Harald Halvorsen, “the helicopter requested prioritised landing on the Ula platform operated by BP, as a precautionary unplanned landing in accordance with procedures for such alarms. Now we know that his “false alarm” had to do with technical/electronic error. Such alarms can occur from time to time and need to be handled as real alarms”.

BP Ula Platform, Offshore Norway
BP Ula Platform, Offshore Norway

The passengers and pilots were taken care of at BP’s platform and the aircraft was inspected and repaired by CHC personnel at the Ula location. As well as this, a test flight was made before the helicopter returned to shore around midnight between Friday/Saturday, Total Norge stated further.

CHC Helicopters In The Limelight

“Given the current situation within helicopter transport, where the H225 helicopter type is not flying, a situation like this gets extra attention. However, it was properly handled by CHC and other parties involved”, Halvorsen stated further.

The incident comes just over a month after a crash with an Airbus H225 Super Puma helicopter operated by CHC. The incident resulted on the death of all 13 people on board and was caused by the separation of the main rotor from the aircraft.

Since this incident, the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority has banned the use of this type of aircraft in the country, after an investigation showed a potential safety problem with its gearbox.

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