Breaking: Drilling Starts On Giant Johan Sverdrup

Published at 09:07AM - 01/03/16

Drilling starts on Giant Johan Sverdrup field as the Deepsea Atlantic rig confirms drilling operations commenced at 00:00hrs Tuesday 1st March.

Operators of the field Statoil added: “The Deepsea Atlantic drilling rig is currently predrilling the first production well for the first phase of the Johan Sverdrup development.”

Giant Johan Sverdrup

Discovered in 2010 the Johan Sverdrup field holds estimated reserves of 3 billion barrels of oil equivalent, with a peak daily production rate expected to be between 550,000 to 650,000 barrels of oil per day.

The reserves rank the ‘elephant field’ as one of the five biggest of all time on the Norwegian continental shelf, although this is expected to increase as further surveys and explorations are conducted.

Statoil's Giant Offshore Oil Field Johan Sverdrup Field Center
Statoil’s Giant Offshore Oil Field Johan Sverdrup

Operators of the North Sea field, Statoil, are aiming to maximise the efficiency of the US$13.5 billion development by pre drilling the production wells prior to any platforms being installed.

Drilling Starts On Giant Johan Sverdrup

Statoil confirmed Tuesday that drilling had commenced at 00:00hrs on the first of 35 production wells including injection.

Statoil’s senior VP Johan Sverdrup Project,  Kjetel Digre, added: “This is a central operation in a complex Johan Sverdrup puzzle.”

“Predrilling allows the production capacity on the field to be utilised as efficiently as possible when Johan Sverdrup has come on stream late in 2019. This way, we maximize value from the field from day one,”

Watch The Historical Drilling Operations Commence

Odfjell Drilling was awarded the US$500 million drilling contract for the field back in June 2015; and using their semisubmersible rig Deepsea Atlantic to complete the work.

To enable the predrilling operations to take place, Statoil installed subsea drilling templates in field during 2015 allow eight production wells to be drilled. Further production and injection wells will be completed at three separate locations around Johan Sverdrup.

Statoil's Giant Johan Sverdrup, Reaches Its First Offshore Construction Milestone
Johan Sverdrup Predrilling Template Installation

Digre added: “Statoil and the drilling service providers have worked as an integrated team in planning the drilling operation.”

“Deepsea Atlantic is a good rig and everything is set for a safe and cost-effective drilling operation on Johan Sverdrup. This is vital to ensure production start from the field at the end of 2019,”

Johan Sverdrup Platforms

The first phase of the Johan Sverdrup’s development will include installing four platforms that are currently under construction.

Installation is expected to commence in 2018, with hookup between the predrilled wells and platform taking place immediately thereafter and, first production scheduled for the end of 2019.

Deepsea Atlantic Rig

The Deepsea Atlantic, operated by Odfjell Drilling, was delivered in 2009 by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering’s (DSME) Okpo Shipyard, South Korea.

Of ultra deepwater semisubmersible design, Deepsea Atlantic has the capability to operate in water depths up t0 10,000 feet (3048m) and dril to a maximum depth of 37,500 feet (11,430m).