Latest Update – Terrorists Attack BP Statoil Facility

Published at 11:00AM - 18/03/16

Terrorists attack BP Statoil operated ‘In Salah’ gas facility in Algeria, firing rockets and RPG’s, according to the Norwegian state oil producer.

The facility is run as a joint venture between UK based BP, Norwegian based Statoil and the Algerian state owned oil and gas company Sonatrach.

This article has continually been updated throughout the day; so includes all press releases from BP and Statoil, with the most recent being show at the top.

Statoil have set up an emergency phone number for the next of kin of their employees working in Algeria: Tel. no: 51 99 00 02

Statoil Algeria Operations Map
Statoil Algeria Operations Map

Update – BP Attack Latest  

1730 GMT

Updating on the Algerian terrorist attack, BP released a statement at 18th March 2016 1730 (GMT) that read:

‘BP continues to actively monitor the incident that occurred at the Krechba site at the In Salah Gas Joint Venture in Algeria this morning.’

‘BP’s first priority is the safety of those affected and we confirm that no injuries have been reported.  All BP staff in Algeria have been accounted for and are safe and unharmed.’ 

‘Although information is still emerging about the nature of the attack, it is now understood that 3 projectiles were fired from one vehicle at some distance from outside the site perimeter.’

‘BP has been advised that the Algerian army has secured the area and is investigating the incident.’

‘We continue to work with the Algerian authorities, the In Salah Gas joint venture team, and our joint venture partners Sonatrach and Statoil to confirm further details.’

‘BP’s emergency response teams have been mobilized since early this morning and continue to assess the situation to take the necessary actions.’

Update – Statoil Attack Latest  

1550 GMT

‘After the attack on the In Salah Gas asset in Krechba in Algeria at 06.00 this morning, the situation at the plant is now calm. There are no reports of any injuries resulting from the attack. Statoil is now following up the incident towards its own employees, licence partners and relevant authorities.’

‘At approximately 06.00 this morning an attack was made against the Krechba plant. The information we have received indicates that the attack was carried out by use of a vehicle and a mobile weapon firing explosives at the plant. The attackers then left the area. Three strikes were identified at the plant.’

‘The Algerian military reportedly has control of the area. Statoil’s emergency organisation has been demobilised, but the Joint Venture and the partners continue to monitor the situation in cooperation with relevant authorities.’

‘There were a total of just above 600 employees at the plant, 3 of them from Statoil. None of the employees at the plant are injured, and the three Statoil employees are safe inside the plant. No evacuation from this plant or any other plants in Algeria has been planned.’

‘Statoil’s top priority is the security of its employees. After the In Amenas attack in 2013, the security of plants in Algeria has been strongly improved, and ordinary operations were resumed during 2014.’

‘Statoil will, in accordance with our procedures, carry out a review of the attack, and together with the partners consider, as part of the ordinary operations, the need for any further security measures at the plants in Algeria.’

Terrorists Attack BP Statoil Facility

Earlier Friday, both Statoil and BP released separate statements on the incident outlining the situation as it then stood. They remain in this article below.

BP Attack Response

A statement released by BP updates on the situation and states that at present no injuries have been reported. The statement read:

‘BP has been informed of a rocket attack on the Krechba site at the In Salah Gas Joint Venture in Algeria from outside the site perimeter, reported at approximately 05:30 AM UK time / 06:30 Algiers time.’

‘There are no reports of any injuries to personnel at the site and the Central Processing Facility (CPF) has been shutdown as a safety precaution.’

‘BP’s first priority is the safety of people.  All BP staff in Algeria have been accounted for and there are no injuries.’

‘We are in touch with the In Salah Gas Joint Venture team, our joint venture partners Statoil and Sonatrach and all relevant stakeholders and are providing support to ensure the safety of those involved.’  

Statoil Attack Statement  

‘This morning, at approximately 06:00 local time, the In Salah Gas asset in Krechba was hit by explosive munitions fired from a distance.’

‘Statoil has been in touch with its three employees at Krechba. They are not injured and they are safe. ‘

‘Statoil is working on getting an overview of the situation, but has so far no information about anybody being injured during the attack.’

‘Statoil has mobilised its emergency response organisation in Stavanger. The joint venture organisation in Hassi Messaoud has mobilised its emergency response organisation.’

In Salah Gas Algeria

The In Salah Gas joint venture is one of the largest dry gas joint venture projects in Algeria, involving the development of seven proven gas fields in the southern Sahara, 746 miles (1,200km) south of Algiers. 

In Amenas terrorist attack

Spanning a four day period between the 16th and 20th January 2013, a similar attack took place at the nearby BP operated ‘In Amenas’ joint venture gas facility.

After four days, the Algerian forces managed to regain control of the plant, however the attack resulted in the loss of forty workers lives.

Ongoing Situation

Offshore Post will continue to update as more information can be confirmed.

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