China Completes First 3D Seismic Survey in the Arctic

Published at 04:31PM - 09/08/16

China Oilfield Services (COSL) announced it has successfully completed the country’s first seismic survey operation in the Barents Sea today.

The operation using a 12-streamer seismic vessel was undertaken in two blocks located in the North Pole and lasted for 100 days.

“We have no precedence to follow for this operation in the North Pole. The low temperature operation, the persistent daylight and the narrow window that allowed operations to take place presented unprecedented challenges to team members and the exploration equipment,” COSL Operation Team Manager Chen Zhiwei, said.

China Completes First 3D Seismic Survey in the Arctic

The operation took place in the Barents Sea within the Arctic Circle and marks China’s first attempt in performing 3D seismic data collection in this kind of environment.

As well as this, the accomplishment wrote a new record in data acquisition (702.7 square miles) for China, the company explained in a statement.

According to COSL, this operation represents a strong opportunity for China to take part in joint ventures across the oil and gas industry, worldwide, under its “One Belt and One Road” initiative.

COSL Invests in Oil & Gas Overseas

Operations in the Arctic need to comply with a short window of four to five months in a year.

The vessel used, HYSY 720, is the first deep water 3D seismic vessel of the latest generation in Asia and the first large deep water seismic vessel built in China.

Facing the persistent slump in oil prices, COSL has been strengthening its investment abroad and now derives 40% of its revenue from overseas.

HYSY 720 has recently completed operations in New Zealand and the Far East since the beginning of the year, while other company vessels are operating in the Middle East.