Oil Workers Get $100,000 Christmas Bonus

Published at 04:25PM - 18/12/15

A US oil and gas company, has awarded all its employees with a US$100,000 bonus for Christmas, regardless of job.

Houston based Hilcorp ensured all 1,381 employees received the Christmas gift, from CEO to receptionist, after staff achieved goals set by the CEO.

Talking to US Fox news, Hilcorp company receptionist, Amanda Thompson, said: “It’s just a true gift, and I think myself, along with everyone, is not going to give less than 100 percent each day.”

Hilcorp Production

Hilcorp have stated that the financial bonus wasn’t for publicity reasons, but a way to thank employees for their hard work. The CEO had set a gold for the company to double its production in the year, and the staff of the oil and gas firm has been able make it happen. 

The company gave a similar bonus, last time its employees doubled production, back in 2010.  That time, Hilcorp offered all its employees the choice between either a $50,000 car or a $35,000 cheque.

Jeffery Hildebrand

Hilcorp CEO, Jeffery Hildebrand, started the company back in 1989.  The company remains privately owned by Hildebrand.

Hildebrand has always instilled a giving culture into the business, with Forbes magazine awarding it the both best company to work for in the US.