ConocoPhillips Spills Condensate In Alberta

Published at 08:55AM - 15/06/16

A pipeline owned by ConocoPhillips Canada has spilled nearly 2,400 barrels of condensate within a key wildlife and biodiversity area, the company informed.

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) has issued an environmental protection order to the firm, which shut down and isolated the pipeline and is investigating the cause of the incident.

“Our preliminary estimate is that 380 cubic metres of product has been released”, the company said.

ConocoPhillips Spills Condensate In Alberta

“At approximately 4 PM on June 9, a condensate release was observed at a pipeline right of way near the ConocoPhillips Resthaven gas plant, 65 km northeast of Grand Cache, Alberta”, the company said in a statement.

“We are working closely with the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), who have personnel on site, to bring this incident to a safe conclusion”, it added.

“There are no residents in the impacted area and no threat to public safety”, the company stated further.

The spill is located within a caribou range, only 0.6 miles from a key wildlife and biodiversity zone and 3 miles south of a core grizzly bear zone.

Largest Spill Since July 2015

According to AER, this represents the largest hydrocarbon spill from a pipeline in the region since July 2015, when Nexen Energy spilled 31,500 barrels of bitumen emulsion.

However, it is not the only incident of the kind since then. Only last month, Apache Canada spilled 3,800 barrels of produced water near Whitecourt, Alberta.

According to the statement by ConocoPhillips, the company is acting to contain the spill and has activated an emergency response plan, having sent 150 people to the site, while “taking steps to minimise any impacts to wildlife and to deter wildlife from entering the area”.

“We will conduct a full investigation into the cause of the incident when we have brought it to a safe conclusion and participate fully in the AER investigation”, the company said.