Ensco Sells Drilling Rigs for Scrap

Published at 08:06AM - 20/07/16

UK-based Ensco announced it has sold various drilling rigs for scrap value, including semi-submersible rigs, drill ships and jack-up rigs.

According to the offshore drilling contractor’s latest fleet status report, two semi-submersible drilling rigs built in 2004 – Ensco 6003 and 6004 – have been sold for scrap value with the sale price in line with net book value of the rig.

As well as this, the company’s two drill ships Ensco DS-1 and Ensco DS-2, with a DP Gusto 10,000 design and built in 1999, have also been sold for scrap value.

Ensco Sells Drilling Rigs for Scrap

Ensco also sold two jack-up drilling rigs – Ensco 91 ad Ensco 58. While the first is of a DP Gusto 10,000 design and was built in 1989, the second is of an F&G L-780 Mod II design and was built in 1981.

Additionally, two DP3 Samsung drillships – Ensco DS-4 and Ensco DS-5 –, built in 2010 and 2011, have been cold stacked in Spain.

Ensco Gets New Contracts in Gulf of Mexico

The company has been reportedly awarded short-term contracts in the Gulf of Mexico.

The contracts awarded include one for jack-up Ensco 75 with Talos Energy, as well as the lease of Ensco 8506 semi-submersible rig to Deep Gulf Energy.

Castex also awarded a contract for jack-up rig Ensco 87 with a duration of one month, while the contract for the semi-submersible rig Ensco 5006 has been extended by 15 months.

As well as this, Ensco has allegedly received the termination of a longer contract by Marubeni, for the semi-submersible rig Ensco 8605 with effect from August 16.

The original contract was expected to last from December 2015 to January 2018 and no reason has been disclosed for the terminal, Ensco reported.