Explosion Kills 3 Injures 136

Published at 11:57AM - 21/04/16

A large explosion at a Pemex operated oil facility has claimed the lives of 3 workers and injured at least 136 workers, although the death toll is expected to rise.

Of the 136 reported to be injured, operators Pemex has confirmed that 88 remain in hospital, 13 of whom remain in a serious condition.

Pemex Balast

The oil facility, located in the Mexican city of Coatzacoalcos, is one of Mexico’s largest oil terminals. The plant also produces vinyl chloride, a highly toxic chemical used in the manufacture of industrial grade PVC.

Operators Pemex have stated that at present the cause of the explosion is unclear, however the resulting fire is currently under control.

Apart from those killed and injured in the initial blast, authorities are worried that the plumes of toxic smoke being may result in heath implications across the city, to the point that Mexico’s national guard has evacuated around 2000 people from the area.

Pemex Coatzacoalcos Oil Terminal Fire

Pemex released a statement claiming that due to the location of the fire, oil exports from the terminal would not be effected.

Another Pemex Incident

This latest fatal incident, adds to a catalog similar catastrophes at Pemex assets. In the last two years alone, the Mexican state run oil company has had five similar incidents- not including Coatzacoalcos.

In February 2016, 3 workers were killed and 8 injured in a fire at the Abkatun-A offshore platform. This was the second fatal fire to hit the offshore platform in less than a year.

In January 2016, 97 offshore workers were evacuated after a fire onboard the Pemex Zaap E offshore platform.

In December 2015, 30 people were injured by an explosion at a Pemex operated oil pipeline.

In October 2015, 85 offshore workers were evacuated from the Pemex Sihil Alpha platform after a server gas leak.

In April 2015, 7 offshore workers were killed and 45 injured after a fire engulfed the Pemex Abkatun-A Permanente platform.

Video From Coatzacoalcos

Below is a video showing an injured and burnt worker emerging from the latest Pemex Coatzacoalcos oil terminal blast.


This article will be updated as more information comes in.