Expro Boss Quits Offshore Oil And Gas industry For BAE

Published at 11:51AM - 15/02/16

Expro boss quits offshore oil and gas industry for BAE, after 20 years in the industry and 5 years as head of oil well specialists Expro.

The news was announced Monday 15th February, jointly by Expro and BAE, with Expro adding: “I would also like to thank Charles for his significant contribution and unwavering commitment to the business.”

Expro Boss Quits Offshore Oil And Gas industry

Charles Woodburn started in oil and gas, after completing a Phd in Engineering from Cambridge University, with oilfield services giant Schlumberger.

His time at Schlumberger took him to the post of Vice President of Wireline until 2009, where he took on the head role at Schlumberger’s engineering and manufacturing department arm.

Dr Woodburn now leaves the oil and gas industry after a further successful 5 years at the top of Expro.

Former Expro CEO Charles Woodburn
Former Expro CEO Charles Woodburn

Expro’s Chairman, Sir George Buckley, said: “His talent, honesty and integrity will be missed by everyone in Expro, and we wish him all the very best in his new role.”

BAE Systems

It’s no secret that the British defence and aerospace behemoth has been looking for a successor to its current CEO Ian King for some time; and Dr Woodburn’s new post as Chief Operating Officer at the firm will, according to most spectators, allow for a smooth 18 month transition into that post.

With a vast knowledge and background in both engineering and international business negotiations  on a large scale; Dr Woodburn looks to be a good fit for BAE even if his knowledge of the defence industry will be gained from an 18 month crash course.

The head of BAE Systems represents a hugely prestigious post for any British business executive, no matter what their industry.

However spectators of the global offshore energy industry are likely to now ask if this is the start of things to come, with top talent being poached to pastures far more healthy and attractive than that of struggling oil and gas.

The industry’s top business leaders themselves have been hugely vocal over the last 12 months on the growing exodus of engineering talent from European oil and gas hubs to industries with a seemingly brighter and more stable future.

Expro CEO

As a replacement for Dr Woodburn Expro announced that the company’s current Chief Operating Officer, Mike Jardon, will take over the role of company CEO.

Expro CEO Mike Jordon
Expro CEO Mike Jordon

Jordon himself has proven a key to both industry and Expro, having held senior positions at Schlumberger and Vallourec & Mannesmann, before moving to Expro back in 2011.

On Jordon’s appointment, Sir George Buckley, said:  “Mike has been instrumental in delivering the exceptional results we have seen from Expro in recent years.”

“His experience, leadership skills and passion for the business will ensure a seamless transition for the company.”

“The Board and Executive Management Team are delighted to see him succeed as CEO, as we focus on driving forward the business safely and efficiently.”