Fire Onboard P-48 Platform

Published at 09:19AM - 18/03/16

A fire onboard the P-48 platform offshore Brazil sent flames 20 metres high, according to unions, and resulted in injuries to one offshore worker.

Operators of the Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel, Petrobras, are yet to give any clear information on the cause and severity of the incident, but have announced the fire to now be extinguished.

Fire Onboard P-48 Platform

According to workers that have spoken to the Brazilian union, Sindipetro-NF, the flames were at least 20 meters in height, engulfing the starboard side of the vessel.

A worker’s statement released by Sindipetro-NF read: ‘The flames reached the height of the crane, around 20 meters, and took the starboard side deck.’

Like A Piece Of Coal

The workers speaking to Sindipetro-NF concluded is statement adding that ‘The vessel looked like a piece of coal’.

Petrobras P-48 FPSO
Petrobras P-48 FPSO Pre Fire

Current reports only state minor injuries to one worker, who was a member of the fire fighting team. However multiple statements report thick ‘choking smoke’ onboard.

A further statement from Sindipetro-NF reads: ‘The fire started at 13:30, just after a shut dow on the unit. It happened in Module 04 starboard’.

Petrobras are yet to give a full statement on the incident itself, instead stating that production is currently shutdown with no estimate of when it will restart.

Petrobras P-48 FPSO

The Petrobras operated P-48 FPSO is located in the deep water Campos Basin, 3,412 feet (1,040m) in depth, offshore Brazil.

The 150,000 barrel a day capacity vessel, first started production in February 2005, with current production rates averaging around 50,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

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