WATCH: First Subsea Gas Compression Completes 1st Year

Published at 11:47AM - 27/09/16

The world’s first subsea gas compression system, operated by the Norwegian oil major Statoil, has completed one year of operations on the Åsgard field.

Statoil and its partners on the project had started up the system on the Åsgard field in the Norwegian Sea in September 2015.

“Quality in all sections of the project and also during operation has contributed to maintain a system regularity of close to 100% through its first year of operation,” Statoil’s Vice President for Åsgard operations, Halvor Engebretsen, said.

World’s First Subsea Gas Compression

“Before start-up, we carried out extensive testing, commissioning and verification of the technology, and thereby we could remove errors and weaknesses before the installation was placed on the seabed,” he added.

“We have already benefitted from this effort by stable and good operation,” he stated further.

So far, the subsea gas compression system has enabled the recovery from the Mikkel and Midgard reservoirs to increase by 306 million barrels of oil equivalent (boe) as well as extending the life of the fields to 2032.

This means an extension from 67% to 87% on the Mikkel reservoir and from 59% to 84% on the Midard reservoir, Statoil explained in a statement.

“During the first year of operation we have raised production by an excess of 16 million boe. Based on today’s prices, the value added amounts to more than NOK 5 billion (£475.9 million),” Engrebretsen explained.

Potential to Reduce Carbon Emissions

According to the executive, the compression system is one of Statoil’s most radical innovation projects. “The technology represents a quantum leap that may contribute to considerable improvements in both recovery rate and lifetime for a number of gas fields,” he explained further.

The technology used is also expected to contribute to a significant reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions and represents a potential for further carbon reductions in future subsea solutions.