Fresh Talks on North Sea Oil Workers Strike

Published at 05:49AM - 12/08/16

Unite and RMT trade unions have issued a joint statement with the Wood Group confirming they have agreed to resume talks to resolve the current dispute, in the wake of the latest industrial action involving Shell facilities in the North Sea.

This follows a recent announcement by the unions this week setting new dates for further industrial action, after the Wood Group had refused to take the proposed pay cuts off the table.

“We will hold a number of full-day meetings over the next few weeks, starting early next week, to take a fresh look at the issues,” the statement reads.

Fresh Talks on North Sea Oil Workers Strike

According to the joint statement, the discussion is expected to gather ideas and provide opportunities for employees, unions and management to contribute “to contribute to a mutually successful outcome and demonstrate leadership in shaping the future of the North Sea”.

The discussion follows the recognition that a collaborative approach to the challenging situation in the oil and gas sector “is the best way” to deal with the current dispute and create a sustainable model for the North Sea.

“All parties recognise that the challenges we are facing in the North Sea are both real and serious and there is acceptance that change is required and will happen,” the statement adds.

Wood Group Temporarily Stops Pay Cuts

The statement adds that, the Wood Group has made the decision to stop the implementation of its current proposal during the new engagement and talks.

In response, RMT and Unite have agreed to suspend any further strike action during the same period.

“For these talks to be successful, it is essential to create a constructive environment in which they can take place,” the statement adds further. “During this period, and to facilitate open and honest discussions, neither Wood Group nor the unions will make any public statements in relation to this matter,” it added.