Gas Leak Shuts Down Offshore Albacora Field

Published at 10:55AM - 25/01/16

A gas leak has shutdown the offshore Albacora field, after the P-31 floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel suffers plant failure according to sources.

Brazilian petroleum workers union, Federação Única dos Petroleiros (FUP), have indicated that the leak occurred on Tuesday 19th January, onboard the Petrobras operated FPSO, causing the shutdown.

Gas Leak Shuts Down Offshore Albacora Field

The FPU released a statement on their website saying that Petrobras version of events is vastly different from what their members onboard the FPSO are telling them.

The FPU stated “Petrobras said it is a leak of oily water” however their members onboard are telling them that it was definitely a gas leak adding that working gas detectors onboard indicated the same.

The Union also added that according to its members, many of the gas detectors remain bypassed, leaving the platform at risk of operational safety.