Go-Ahead For Two North Sea Oil Fields

Published at 12:32PM - 05/07/16

The Norwegian offshore safety body, Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) has given ExxonMobil and Statoil consent to use two oil fields in the North Sea.

While ExxonMobil is now authorised to use a new subsea well on the Balder field, Statoil received consent to use parts of the Gina Krog facility.

“ExxonMobil is the operator of the Balder field, in block 25/11 in the North Sea, around 190 km (118 miles) west of Stavanger,” the PSA report reads.

 Go-Ahead For Two North Sea Oil Fields

The well is designated as E-29-AH and is located 3,500 metres (11,482 feet) from the Balder floating production unit (FPU), in the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

The field belongs to production licence PL001 and the first oil discovery on this field was made in 1967, but was assessed as not commercially viable at the time.

Several decades later, new research resulted in the development of the field with production starting in 1999.

The field was developed using subsea wells and an FPU and production was scheduled to last until 2011, but because of the tie-back to the Ringhorne field, Exxon was able to extend the facility’s operating life to 2025.

Statoil To Make Partial Use Of Gina Krog

The second consent given by PSA regards the Gina Krog field, in blocks 15/5 and 15/6 in the North Sea, approximately 30 kilometres (18.6 miles) northwest of Sleipner A.

The PSA has granted Statoil consent to use parts of the accommodation and processing facility and the mobile drilling facility used to develop the field.

According to the statement by PSA, this applies to “the living quarters, cranes, pipelines and other parts of the facility required for activities in the phase up to production start-up”.

“Statoil must apply for partial consent to use the production facility in good time before production begins,” PSA stated.

The field had been developed with the facility on a steel jacked, while the wells were drilled using a mobile drilling facility. Water depth at the site is around 116 metres (380.57 feet).