Gunashli Fire Continues To Burn Offshore Azerbaijan

Published at 12:42PM - 11/12/15

The Gunashli fire, on the offshore platform 10, continues to burn more than a week after it initially started, 120 km (75 miles) offshore Baku, Azerbaijan

Gunashli Fire

The fire broke out on Friday (4th) after a heavy storm battered the offshore platform and is believed to have ruptured a gas riser.

The blaze is currently being fought from the sea by 4 firefighting vessels.

Azerbaijan Ministry for Emergency Situations also confirmed today that five experienced firefighters had been transferred to the platform Thursday (10th) in a bid to extinguish the blaze.

The ministry said that the firefighters were onboard platform 10 for a total of 6 hours, and are looking to ‘reconstruct’ around the burring wells.

A second attempt has been made today (11th), with the Azeri Ministry stating that: “at 09: 00 “Vikhr-8” fire ship deploys a group of 4 firefighters with the same aim,”

The firefighting specialists are believed to be Boots & Coots, a well control and oil well blowout company, owned by US based Halliburton. The company is a decedent of Red Adair Co.


The Azeri Ministry for Emergency Situations’ Latest Video Of The Offshore Firefighting, Taken On 10th December

Search & Rescue

So far 7 offshore workers have been confirmed dead, whilst a search and rescue operation is ongoing for 23 missing.

The Azeri Ministry for Emergency Situations has stated that 4 helicopters and one aircraft are continuing the search.