Helicopter Crash Kills Four Offshore Angola

Published at 06:40PM - 27/09/16

At least four people have died and two have reportedly gone missing following a helicopter crash offshore Cabinda, in Angola.

The helicopter was heading to the Tombwa-Lândana platform, operated by Chevron’s Angola subsidiary Cabinda Gulf Oil Company (CABGOC) when it crashed.

According to a report issued by Reuters, five passengers and one pilot were in the helicopter – two expatriates and four Angolans – although Angolan media sources are reporting all six passengers are confirmed dead.

Helicopter Crash Kills Four Offshore Angola

According to the US-based oil major, search and rescue operations are underway for the two people missing on the incident caused by bad weather.

So far, the operation has involved 19 vessels and three helicopters, the company told the Portuguese news agency TSF.

As well as this, CABGOC confirmed that four bodies have been retrieved but did not provide any further details on the nationality of the victims.

Five of the workers were reportedly part of CABGOC’s staff, while the other four were contracted workers.

Crashed Helicopter Heading to Cabinda Field

According to the TSF report, the helicopter operated by Heli Malongo had left Malongo, in Cabinda, on Monday afternoon (3.23 pm), and was heading to a platform located approximately 80 kilometres (49.7 miles) off the coast.

“The helicopter did not reach the intended destination,” the oil company said in a statement.

At the moment, the company is awaiting the confirmation of the identity of the rescued bodies presently at the morgue in the Cabinda Central Hospital.

Cabinda, which currently produces 60% of Angola’s oil, is an Angolan enclave that borders the Republic of Congo to the north and is separated from the rest of Angola to the south by territory belonging to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Chevron started producing oil at the Tombwa-Lândana field in 2009 through its subsidiary CABGOC, at the platform located 50 miles off the coast of Angola, in block 14.


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