Helicopter Crash Victims Named

Published at 12:10PM - 02/05/16

Names of some of the thirteen offshore workers that died following a catastrophic helicopter crash in Norway last week have been released.

The EC225 Super Puma helicopter was on a routine flight, carrying workers back from the Statoil operated Gullfaks B platform to Bergen airport when it crashed, leaving no survivors.

Crash Victims Named

Of the thirteen onboard, two were CHC Scotia helicopter crew, whilst the remainder were offshore workers, either working for or subcontracted to Statoil. Eleven were of Norwegian nationality, one British and one Italian.

Behnam Ahmadi, 54, was a Norwegian national, employed by Halliburton.

Behnam Ahmadi
Behnam Ahmadi

Arild Fossedal, 43, was a Norwegian national from Bergen, employed by Aker Solutions
Arild Fossedal

Arild Fossedal

Arild had worked at Aker Solutions since 1998, said Aker’s CEO, Louis Araujo. Writing in his obiturery, he said:

“Over the years he held several different roles, including as piping engineer, welding inspector and NDT operator. The last time he was part of Statoil Operations Inspection Project with responsibility for inspections by Asset Integrity Management Unit in MMO Bergen, stationed at Sandsli. He was very keen to always deliver quality work. “

Arild is survived by a 17 year old son and a girlfriend with children from a previous relationship.

Ole Magnar Kvamme, 60, was a Norwegian national from Bergen, employed by Statoil.

Ole Magnar Kvamme
Ole Magnar Kvamme

Ole Magnar Kvamme (born 1955) was educated as an electrical engineer. He had been a Statoil employee since 1988, and most recently worked with plant integrity on Snorre, Gullfaks A and Gullfaks B. He had more than 10 years of operational experience from offshore operations.

“Our thoughts are first and foremost with Ole Magnar Kvamme’s family and close friends, who have lost their loved one in this terrible tragedy,” says chief executive Eldar Sætre.

“There are employees in Statoil that have lost a dear friend and colleague, but all of us share the family’s grief and we express our deepest sympathies during this difficult time.”

Ole Magnar Kvamme is survived by three adult children.

Iain Stuart, 41, was a British national from Aberdeenshire, employed by Halliburton.

Iain Stuart
Iain Stuart

A statement, released by Iain’s family told of the devastation of his passing.

“Iain was a loving husband and devoted father to his two children and as a family we are heartbroken. He was a caring son, brother, uncle and friend to many,” they said.

“We are appreciative of all the messages of support and kind thoughts.”

“We now ask, as a family, that we are allowed some privacy at this difficult and sad time to grieve and come to terms with our loss.”

Iain is survived by his wife and two children.

Odd Geir Turøy, 54, was a Norwegian national from Øygarden, employed by Aker Solutions.

Odd Geir Turøy
Odd Geir Turøy

Odd is said to have died just moments from his childhood home. Odd has been described as an avid deer hunter, camper and outdoor enthusiast. Odd also had great passion for cooking and took the role of the house chef when he was home from the North Sea.

Odd is survived by his wife, three grown daughters and grandchildren.

Otto Michal Vasstveit, 54, was a Norwegian national, employed by Halliburton.

Otto Michal Vasstveit
Otto Michal Vasstveit

A colleague of Otto’s commented that he was a heavyweight in Halliburton, saying: “He a very pleasant and social guy who created a great atmosphere. Always smiling and positive”

“He was one of the most experienced when it came well service and what we do. He was a heavyweight on our department, and an academic resource which contributed to help the younger ones.”

Michele Vimercati, 44, was an Italian national, working as helicopter crew for CHC Scotia.

Michele Vimercati
Michele Vimercati

Michele had over20 years experience as a helicopter pilot, with a background in the Italian military. Michele have lived in Bergen since 2008.

Kjetil Wathne, 51, was a Norwegian national from Bergen, employed by Karsten Moholt / Aker.

Kjetil Wathne
Kjetil Wathne

Kjetil was a music lover and an avid supporter of Liverpool football club, and traveled regularly to England to them play during his time off.

 CEO of Karsten Moholt, Linn Cecilie Moholt, said: “I would like once again to express my deepest sympathy to Kjetil Wathne their nearest and all the other relatives after Friday’s tragic accident”

“Kjetil solved all tasks with skill and efficiency, and was a good colleague. His demise is a great loss for the company”

Kjetil is survived by his spouse and four children.

Yet to Be Named

A further five of the deceased are yet to be named.

A female Norwegian national, 32, from Bergen, employed by Schlumberger.
A Norwegian male, 50, employed by Halliburton.
A Norwegian male, 57, employed by CHC Scotia.
A Norwegian male, 57, employed by Aker.
A Norwegian male, 35, employed by WellTec.

Rotor Baldes Detach

The release of flight tracking data on Friday, showed the helicopter to have fallen suddenly, from approximately 2,000 feet in 10 seconds.

Eye witnesses claimed to have seen the entire rotor blade assembly, detached from the helicopter’s main body, still falling to the ground between 20 – 30 seconds after the initial explosion. Video footage filmed by an eye witness has since confirmed this.


This Video Has No Audio

Super Puma Grounded

Little of the helicopter remains, however what wreckage does remain has mostly been recovered, and is being sent for analysis. The helicopters black box has also been recovered, although no comment has been given on its condition, or whether any useful data has been recovered.

CHC Scotia Operated EC 225 Super Puma Offshore Helicopter
CHC Scotia Operated EC 225 Super Puma Offshore Helicopter

All EC225 Super Puma helicopters have now been grounded by Norwegian authorities pending an investigation.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has also followed suite and grounded all helicopters of the same model from flying commercial operations pending the investigation.

Workers Petition

A petition to ground the use of the EC255 Super Puma has been started by UK offshore workers. The model of helicopter has been involved in numerous accidents in recent years, many relating to gearbox problems.

The petition, titled ‘Remove the Airbus 225 Super Puma from service’, will be delivered directly to the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

The petition states:

‘This petition is for all North Sea Offshore Oil Workers and their families, and the public at large, to finally say enough is enough with the Super Puma airframe. In signing this petition you are asking for the Airbus 225 Super Puma to be permanently removed from service as its been involved in one incident too many, where yet again fatalities have occurred, and you wish to express a vote of no-confidence in the safety of this airframe. We call on the CAA to put the lives of Offshore Oil Workers and the pilots before vested interests, and revoke the air worthiness certificates for this aircraft. Failure to do this will result in more needless deaths.”

The petition currently has over 12,000 signatures, and can be viewed by clicking here.