IHC Presents New AHTS Vessel To Offshore Operators

Published at 09:04AM - 22/04/15

Royal IHC, the specialist vessel builder, has unveiled its latest design, the IHC Workhorse – a hybrid anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) vessel it has created specifically for the offshore market.

In the press release accompanying the launch IHC says it has worked intensively with AHTS operators to create a bespoke offshore service vessel.

According to the company, the new design features a new hull form and optimised tank layout, which, combined, reduce resistance during supply runs without sacrificing cargo capacity.

The vessels will have an advanced hybrid power system, featuring an intelligent PMS network, which aims to constantly optimise the propulsion system and manage all power requirements at their most efficient levels, leading to substantial fuel savings. Francis Tang, Managing Director, IHC Asia Pacific, says that the savings could range from 8% to as much as 12%, when the design is compared to similar hybrid designs.

The IHC Workhorse will also offer an ‘effortless’ touchscreen interface; IHC will provide drives and automation packages from its proprietary range and the AHTS will have a ballast water treatment system, and SPS 2008 and MLC 2006 standard accommodation.

The Workhorse is the latest in the range of offshore support vessels IHC launched last year, which includes the IHC Packhorse and Packhorse-Maxi PSVs.

Based in the Netherlands, Royal IHC works from locations all over the world. As well as its traditional dredging business, it custom-builds vessels for the offshore market, and provides equipment for pipe- and cable-laying, diving support and pile-driving.

Last updated on 10:19AM - 25/04/15