Incident Causes Damage To North Sea Murchison

Published at 08:58AM - 10/03/16

Incident causes damage to North Sea Murchison platform, during lifting operations, sparking an investigation by the Canadian operators CNR.

According to CNR, the incident occurred Wednesday during lifting operations.

Due to the early stages of the investigation, CNR were unable give any exact details of events, but did state that one of the platform’s cranes had been damaged but stressed that no one had been injured.

Incident Causes Damage To Murchison

A spokeswoman for CNR said: “CNR International (UK) Limited can confirm that at approximately 0300 hours yesterday [March 9th] an incident occurred during a lifting operation on Murchison platform, which resulted in structural damage to one of the platform cranes.”

“No one was hurt as result and all 102 personnel on board at the time of the incident are safe and well. There are currently no plans to downman.”


CNR said that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) had been informed of the incident and are being updated during the course of the investigation.

The company has also mobilised a team of engineers to assess the level of damage to both crane and platform.

Murchison Platform

The Murchison Platform, located 150 miles (240km) North East of the Shetlands, straddles the UK – Norwegian median line.

Discovered  by Conoco Philips UK in 1975 first production was achieved during 1980, with peak production of 150,383 barrels per day being reached in December 1982.

In 2002 CNR became the Murchison’s operator, partnering with Wintershall. Production ceased in 2014, with Murchison now full in its decommissioning phase.