Jee Pioneers New Subsea Mattress Removal Solution

Published at 09:54AM - 02/06/15

Jee Subsea, the British oil and gas engineering services firm, has presented the findings of its recent subsea mattress salvage and reuse project at an event in Aberdeen.

Jee has partnered with Decom North Sea (DNS), the body that represents the UK’s offshore decommissioning industry, and Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS) to find solutions to the issue of concrete subsea mattress removal, an often expensive and environmentally damaging part of many decommissioning projects.

Jee’s contract with DNS started in February this year, and includes proposals to use diverless removal techniques, which would drive down costs and improve safety. It also developed criteria to assess whether mattresses should be better left in situ or removed – governed chiefly by safety and environmental considerations.

The reuse proposals Jee has developed for the mattress concrete include creating tidal lagoon structures and building artificial reefs to encourage marine life, as well as using the salvaged material for road foundations.

According to DNS, the project was initiated in response to requests from the organisation’s operator members. With the costs of decommissioning high on the industry’s agenda, Jee’s findings were eagerly anticipated, the organisation said.

Around 100 people from the oil and gas industry were present at Aberdeen’s Exhibition and Conference Centre to hear the research findings. ‘DNS’s highly-attended event is the ideal platform to showcase the results from the project,’ said Adam Smith, subsea engineer at Jee.

Iain Gulland, chief executive of Zero Waste Scotland, commented that ‘The findings point to some exciting cross-over potential with other sectors, such as offshore renewables.’