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Plan, support and co-ordiante assigned well integrity activities for Wells Services Section within Offshore Operations Department.   This includes all aspects of well integrity tests, well completion and other related activities, from job design  to on-site implementation.  Conduct well survelliance , including performance modelling interpretation and well corrosion.  Conducts reservoir management  activities in line with the proposals from Reservoir. 

About the Job:
  • Reviews well histories prior to well integrity investigation.
  • Conducts initial investigation of the reservoir conditions, production records, injection records, water/gas break through records before well integrity investigation.
  • Checks well designs based on deterministic, probabilistic or other acceptable models.
  • Required protective barriers are in place before commencing the well integrity operations.
  • Calculates volumes of all annuli and surface lines to ensure enough cement is arranged.
  • Assists Head of Well Services Section in preparing the Division’s objectives and KPIs.
  • Coordinates the WI policies, guidelines, procedures and standards.
  • Ensures that the well histories are updated after each Integrity Test and data is effectively entered in WIMS and the master data is regularly updated, validated and correctly entered.
  • Provides technical support to the Well Services  and other Operations teams and ensures that the teams follow the test procedures completely.
  • Monitors the cathodic protection system in offshore fields to ensure the casing strings are protected from corrosive aquifers, especially in the shallow Umm Er Radhumma (ERH) formation.

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About You:

 Educational Requirements / Qualifications

  • Bachelors Degree  in Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering is required.


  • Minimum 15 years experience as a Petroleum Engineer in the Oil and Gas industry with demonstrated Surveillance/Production Engineering expertise in carrying out well integrity in large oil and gas fields.
  • Proven experience at recommending remedial well work solutions for all type of wells in heterogeneous gas reservoirs with variable geo-layer parameters: porosity, permeability, water saturation, thickness, etc.
  • Well integrity testing.
  • Experience with Tubing & IPR modelling and design/troubleshooting.
  • Experience with interpretation of cased hole production and diagnostic logs.
  • Must have strong teamwork skills, and it would be an advantage to have experience working in a multicultural environment.
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Dolphin Energy

United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi

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