KAEFER Energy Wins BP Offshore Work Worth NOK Billions

Published at 06:47PM - 02/02/16

KAEFER Energy wins BP offshore work, worth NOK billions- effectively securing a monopoly on the oil and gas giant’s Norwegian portfolio.

In a jubilant announcement, KAEFER said: “The cheers were in the roof at KAEFER Energy today when it became known that the contract for all offshore ISO-maintenance for BP Norway would be carried out by KAEFER Energy in the years to come.”

Stavanger based KAEFER specialises in maintenance services for the offshore oil and gas industry, with particular focus on: insulation; fabric maintenance; and access solutions including roped access; more commonly known on the Norwegian continental shelf as ‘ISO’.

KAEFER Energy Wins BP Offshore Work

The contract award will see KAEFER supply ISO maintenance across all 14 BP offshore installations in the Norwegian sector, including Hod, Skary, Tambar, Ula and the giant Valhall complex.

The deal is set to run for a duration of nine years including all options; with an annual value of more than NOK 180 million (US$ 20.6m).

The company have stated that the contract is likely to employ around 200 offshore workers trained in ISO disciplines.

KAEFER Energy CEO, Bård Bjørshol, said: “This is a big contract and we are humble in relation to the trust BP shows our company through this award.”

“The contract comes at a time when the entire oil and gas industry faces challenges in maintaining employment, and for us represents this contract increased security for our employees.”

“The contract is likely to employ over 200 people and will provide jobs for many of our employees moving forward.”

Bilfinger Norge

KAEFER Energy’s win comes at the loss of rival Bilfinger Norge- who had held the BP contract for around 20 years.

Speaking to the press, Bilfinger Norge CEO Tove Helen Tyberø said the BP Bilfinger partnership had been long-term and a relationship of importance, adding “so the pain is clear.”

Bilfinger have estimated that over the near 20 year relationship, approximately 150 man-years have been worked.