Largest Offshore Tie-In Platform Completed

Published at 05:55PM - 03/08/16

Saudi Aramco announced it has completed Saudi Arabia’s largest ever offshore tie-in platform.

The facility, Marham TP-9 Deck, is part of the company’s programme covering the manufacturing and installation of four oil producing platforms and associated pipelines and power cables.

“The completion of the massive 3,500 tonnes structure represents a major milestone for Saudi Aramco’s strategy to develop its offshore oil resources and to sustain the in-Kingdom manufacturing capabilities,” Saudi Aramco Senior Vice President of Technical Services, Ahmed A. Al-Saadi, said.

Largest Offshore Tie-In Platform Completed in Saudi Arabia

 The platform was fabricated at the Dammam Port by the STAR yard (Saipem Taqa Al-Rushaid Fabricators Company Limited) and is the result of a joint venture (JV) between Saudi Enterprises and Saipem.

This was the first initiative of the kind in Saudi Arabia, proving Saudi Aramco’s commitment to the development of the country’s vast hydrocarbon resources.

As well as this, the fabrication of platforms for the offshore oil and gas fields has recently been expanded with the opening of the newly established fabrication yard by McDermott International.

“This is the biggest offshore structure to have been fabricated to date in Saudi Arabia, and a major proof of the high level of technical competency and capability that in-Kingdom manufacturers have achieved,” Al-Saadi added.

Saudi Value Add Programme to Create Thousands of Jobs

The executive added that this new completion follows the company’s new mandate, Saudi Vision 2030, “which calls for an accelerated and broad diversification of the economy, driven by entrepreneurship, technological innovation and targeted investment”.

“Our IKTVA localisation programme is a fine example of how we are putting this into practice,” he added.

“We are showing the world that our manufacturers are highly competent and customer focused. In fact, I believe this can be expanded and extended nationally across many industrial sectors to create thousands of new, well paid, and highly skilled jobs for our young men and women,” he stated further.