LLOG’s Gulf of Mexico Delta House Begins Production

Published at 08:36AM - 21/04/15

LLOG, the Louisiana-based oil firm, has started production at its Gulf of Mexico deepwater hub, the Delta House floating production system (FPS).

Delta House is located around 130 miles offshore from New Orleans, in the Mississippi Canyon 254, at a water depth of 4,500 feet (1,372 metres). The FPS is designed for a peak capacity of 100,000 b/d of oil and 240 MMcf/d of gas, and can accommodate up to 20 risers, and up to nine fields with dual flowlines. LLOG expects initial production capacity of around 80,000 b/d of oil and 200 MMcf/d of gas with a payload of 9,300 tonnes.

LLOG plans to have eight wells online at Delta House by the end of 2015. LLOG president and CEO Scott Gutterman said, “Not only do we expect to double our production when all of the wells come online this year, but we are proud to achieve a cycle time of about three years from first discovery to first production for an FPS development project, which is among the best in the Gulf of Mexico.”

Delta House was towed from the Kiewit offshore at Ingelside, Texas to the Mississippi Canyon Block 254A in October 2014. In December, Intermoor installed and hooked up the platform’s permanent mooring system, which includes 12 suction pile anchors, and 12 preset chain/polyester mooring lines.



Dela House joins Who Dat, LLOG’s other deepwater project in the GoM, which began production via the Opti-ex platform in 2011. LLOG’s further GoM plans for 2015 include another five exploratory wells.


Last updated on 10:26AM - 25/04/15