Lundin Petroleum- Fosen Exploration Well Dry

Published at 08:25AM - 07/03/16

Lundin Petroleum has reported that its latest offshore exploration well, Fosen, has been completed  with classed as dry.

Located in PL544 on the southern flank of the Utsira High in the Norwegian North Sea, well 16/4-10 aimed to targeted Jurassic reservoirs in a four-way dip closure with stratigraphic upside.

Fosen Exploration Well Dry

A thick (160m) reservoir section (provisionally dated as Jurassic) was encountered in the well which had good properties but was water-wet with oil shows.

A data-collection programme was undertaken in order to understand the context of the well in relation to remaining prospectivity in the area.

The well drilled to a total depth of 2,638 metres below mean sea level in water depth of 95 metres.

The well was drilled with the semi-submersible drilling unit Island Innovator. This was the final well in Lundin Norway’s contract with the Island Innovator.

Lundin Norway is the operator of PL544 with a 40 percent working interest. Partners are Lime Petroleum Norway AS with a 30 percent working interest and Wellesley Petroleum AS with a 30 percent working interest.