Maersk Drilling Axes 130 Offshore Jobs

Published at 04:35PM - 21/07/16

At least 130 offshore workers are set to lose their jobs at Maersk Drilling Norge due to drilling rigs going off contract, the company informed.

The Maersk Gallant jack-up rig is about to go off contract during the fall, while the Maersk Inspirer drilling rig is to see its contract expire with Statoil at the end of this year.

“The company envisages that individual deliberations will be completed in April 2016. The final decision will be taken subsequently and termination letter will be sent to the affected employees by the end of the month,” the Maersk Employee Association (MAF) said on Wednesday.

Maersk Drilling Axes 130 Offshore Jobs

Due to the expiration of the contracts, Maersk Drilling Norway is to terminate between 130 and 140 jobs.

The cuts will not occur in only one batch as they depend on the rigs going off work.

Maersk Gallant Offshore Drilling Rig
Maersk Gallant Offshore Drilling Rig

The employee association also said that some positions could be transferred to the XLE4 jack-up drilling rig.

“During the last week, MAF has been in discussions with Maersk Drilling Norway AS (MDN). It is highly regrettable that we now have to carry out yet another round of dismissals in the company,” MAF said in a statement.

“In autumn 2015, there were about 150 employees who lost their jobs in the company. Presently it looks like we have to say goodbye to about 70 new MDN employees working offshore,” MAF added.

2017 Could Bring New Contracts

The newly-built XLE4 jack-up rig is on its way to Norway, where it is expected to arrive on February 2017, meaning that further staff could be required before the end of next year, the association explained.

This is not the first time that Maersk Drilling is cutting its workforce in Norway.

In March, Maersk Drilling laid off a total of 70 employees, and last year, the company announced a further downsize after two of its rigs were left without a contract.