Naughty Step No Longer For COSL Drilling Rig

Published at 11:11AM - 21/03/16

Naughty step no longer for COSL drilling rig as Statoil removes its suspension, allowing the restart of offshore drilling at the North Sea Troll field.

The COSLPromoter had previously been suspended for matters that still remain unclear, and that neither Statoil nor COSL Drilling have made public.

COSL Drilling Rig Back Offshore For Statoil

However, COSL made a press release Monday, stating that the COSLPromoter had been allowed to restart work two weeks after being suspended by the Norwegian oil major.

The statement read: ‘COSLPromoter, who two weeks ago was decided temporarily suspended by Statoil, is now mobilized again.’

‘The rig has implemented measures to meet demands from Statoil. This means that COSLPromoter Friday, March 18, mobilized from CCB to the Troll field to resume the operation.’

No clarification has been given as to the measures taken. However as Offshore Post is aware, COSL Drilling continues to seek legal advise over the termination of their COSLInnovator drilling rig- which has resulted in the loss of 230 jobs.

The COSLInnovator was also under contract to Statoil, on similar terms as the Pioneer, but termination in the same announcement as the Pioneer’s suspension.