New Jack-Up Rig Delivered in the Middle East

Published at 08:19AM - 04/11/16

Lamprell announced today it has completed the construction of the Ensco 141 jack-up drilling rig as well as its delivery to Ensco Intercontinental, a subsidiary of Ensco plc.

This is the second rig with LeTourneau Super 116E (Enhanced) Class design that Lamprell has delivered to Ensco, after delivering the Ensco 140 in the end of August.

“I am pleased to be marking the completion and delivery of this rig to Ensco, one of our key clients. Our combined project team has collaborated effectively and has performed well to deliver this project while at the same time maintaining an exceptional safety record,” Lamprell’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Christopher McDonald, said.

New Jack-Up Rig Delivered in the Middle East

The Ensco 141 rig will now be warm-stacked alongside its Ensco 140 sister rig, at Lamprell’s stacking facility in Hamriyah, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Lamprell still has a further four new build jack-up rigs under construction at the Hamriyah facility, which are reportedly progressing as planned and will be delivered over the following six months.

New Jack-Up Rig Delivered in the Middle East
Ensco 140 and Ensco 141 under construction

The contract for the rig had been signed in April, and Ensco had ordered the construction of the Ensco 140 and Ensco 141 jack-ups two years before.

“Lamprell has demonstrated its capability to fabricate high quality, complex products for use by leading operators in the global energy industry,” the CEO added.

New Jack-Up Series Fulfils Demand in the UAE

At the time the rigs were ordered, Ensco explained the aim was to build units that could comply with requirements in the Middle East and fulfil the demand for this type of rigs in the region.

These two jack-up rigs were designed to comply with these requirements at a total cost of US$430 million (£345.34 million), or US$215 million (£172.67 million) per rig.

However, Lamprell delivered the Ensco 140 late and had to pay remedial costs and liquidated damages to Ensco for the unit.

At the time, the yard explained that the delay was caused by failures in the jacking equipment.

New Jack-Up Rig Delivered in the Middle East
Illustration of the Ensco 140 and 141 sister rigs