No Faults With Storm Damaged COSL Innovator Rig

Published at 05:23PM - 15/01/16

COSL have stated that here was no faults with the storm damaged COSL Innovator drilling rig, as an investigation continues in an incident which led to the death of one offshore worker.

The drilling rig’s accommodation was hit by waves in a storm that battered the North Sea oil and gas industry over the Christmas period.

Blast proof windows on the rigs accommodation module were forced in causing injuries to two offshore workers and the death of one – 53 years old Rune Morten Narvåg.

COSL Innovator Investigation

COSL have said that there is no indication that there was any faults with the windows either in their design or manufacture.

The Chinese based drilling firm have stated that the Innovator had been certified by DNV in accordance with current regulations, and in particular the specification that the rig should be able to withstand wave forces inline with a 100 year wave.

However, a joint investigation being carried out by the drilling firm, DNV and the Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority continues.

Rig Yard Stay

The COSL Innovator is currently in shipyard undergoing repairs whilst the investigation continues. 

COSL announced Friday 15th January that the rig would use the time to undergo a 5-yearly rig reclassification.

Both COSL and hiring company Statoil have agreed on the work, which has started immediately and is due to be completed within 6 weeks, within the same schedule as the repairs.