North Sea Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing

Published at 11:56AM - 10/12/15

An offshore North Sea helicopter has been forced to make an emergency landing at Aberdeen airport, during an outbound flight to an oil platform.

The CHC Scotia operated Super Puma was heading offshore, when emergency warning lights illuminated on the pilots control panel, around 60 miles east of Aberdeen.

The EC225 Super Puma was carrying 19 offshore workers and two crew at the time of the incident.

Emergency Landing

The Pilots turned back to Aberdeen and requested a ‘priority landing’, from air traffic control, before landing safely at Aberdeen International Airport.

A spokeswoman for CHC Scotia said: “A light illuminated in the cockpit. In accordance with operating procedures, the crew requested priority landing from air traffic control.”

“The aircraft will now be inspected fully by engineers.”

Both Police Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue have confirmed that they attended Aberdeen Airport during the incident.

The CHC spokeswoman said: “Emergency services vehicles were deployed only as a precaution.