Offshore 2D Survey Starts in Brazil

Published at 06:22PM - 23/07/16

Spectrum announced it has commenced a 15,000 kilometre (9,320 miles) 2D survey offshore Brazil.

The new acquisition programme will take place in the Santos and Campos basins and is an outboard extension of Spectrum’s 2012 Santos Campos Phase 1 survey.

“Spectrum has started on our next campaign in Brazil in order to provide new long-offset data over prospective subsalt basins for an anticipated round in 2017,” Spectrum’s EVP Multi-Client North & South America, Richie Miller, said.

Offshore 2D Survey Starts in Brazil

The programme will also connect other programmes in the Santos, Campos and Espirito Santo basins and produce a continuous dataset covering the subsalt oil fields located in these basins, the company informed in a statement.

The acquisition will be done through a 12,000 metre (39,370 feet) cable used to record the necessary data to gain an understanding on the architecture of the basin.

As well as this, the programme will produce images of prospective zones in the subsalt section.

The data will be processed in the company’s processing centre in Houston, using PSTM, PSDM (Kitchhoff and RTM) and Broadband products.

Subsalt 2D Survey Ready By Q2-2017

The survey is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2017, Spectrum explained.

“In light of the Brazilian government’s suggestion that it will include blocks outside the subsalt area in the Santos and Campos basins, this play continues to provide excitement and opportunities for exploration. This new data will extend coverage over a very lightly explored area of the subsalt exploration province”, Miller explained further.

The survey will be acquired in partnership with BGP and is supported with industry funding.

Brazil is rumoured to be planning the launch of its 14th oil and gas bid round by the end of this year, but it is still unclear whether it is planning to include subsalt blocks in the auction, or if it will have a separate round for this area.