Update – Offshore Helicopter Crash, 6 Dead, Black Box Missing

Published at 06:18PM - 13/08/15

Within the last two hours, Bristow Helicopters have announced that out of the 12 souls onboard the Nigerian operated Sikorsky 76C+ that crashed, 6 have now been pronounced dead.

Earlier today, it was still unclear of the fate of 2 personnel onboard, as they were still unaccounted for.  Since then, Bristow Group has released details stating that they have since been found, although sadly they are deceased.

In their latest statement, Bristow have also release the names of two of the fatalities, both crew members, Captain Joseph “Jay” Wyatt of Oklahoma, U.S., and First Officer Peter Bello, of Nigeria.

Brisow helicopters or the local authorities are yet to release details of any of the remaining 4 fatalities, or give any indication to the severity of the injuries sustained by the surviving 6 passengers.

Adding to what he said earlier today, Bristow’s Regional Director Africa, Duncan Moore said “We are shaken and deeply saddened by this tragic accident. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families, friends and loved ones of all those on board.”

In a statement, Bristows Helicopters said that Captain Wyatt joined Bristow back in 2006 and has spent his entire career flying with Bristow Helicopters out of Africa.

Bristow said, First Officer Peter Bello joined Bristow in 2014 after graduating from Bristow Academy’s helicopter flight school. Both were experienced and qualified.

The statement went further saying: Bristow has mobilized the full resources of its response team and is working closely with authorities on the investigation, including at the accident site to recover the aircraft.

Medical treatment is being provided to those who are injured and trained coordinators have been assigned to the families of the crew members and passengers to support them with their every need and ensure that they receive the most current information and assistance.

Bristow has established a dedicated hotline for family members of those on board the flight. Relatives may telephone +1 (855) 979-7533 or +1 (567) 302-7004 for information, care and assistance.