Offshore Helicopter Crashes Nigeria -11 Onboard – Bristow

Published at 04:08PM - 03/02/16

A Bristow operated offshore helicopter crashes off the coast of Nigeria during a routine crew change flight from an oil rig.

The Sikorsky S-76C++ was heading back from an offshore installation to the Nigerian capital of Lagos when the pilot ditched into the sea.

Offshore Helicopter Crashes Nigeria

According to Bristow, the helicopter was carrying nine passengers and two crew at the time when, the pilot performed a ‘controlled water landing’ at around 1025 local time.

Bristows have stated that all personnel on board including crew are safe and accounted for and are in the process of being transferred to an onshore installation nearby.


Bristow’s Africa Director, Duncan Moore, said: “We are incredibly thankful that everyone on board the helicopter is safe and has been accounted for,”

“Our highest priority is to take care of our crew and clients and their family members and provide them with any assistance needed.”

Bristow Nigeria Crash

Bristow Nigeria had a similar incident back in September 2015, when another Sikorsky S-76 crashed into a lagoon not far from Lagos.

That flight was also heading in on a routine crew change flight from the SEDCO Express offshore drilling rig.

The incident was put down a control system failure, brought about by a faulty ‘pushrod control arm’.

A total of 6 of the 12 onboard, 4 passengers and 2 crew, were killed in the incident.

Emergency Contact

Bristows has setup emergency contact phone numbers for friends and relatives to gain further information.

If in Nigeria call: 01-271-6748

If in the U.S. or Canadacall toll free +1 (855) 979-7533 or direct toll +1 (567) 302-7004