Offshore Oil Workers Start 48-Hour Strike

Published at 08:24AM - 04/08/16

Nearly 400 Wood Group offshore oil workers began a 48-hour industrial strike action at 6.30 AM today to protest against proposed pay cuts.

The strike is affecting seven North Sea platforms operated by Shell and follows the unions and management’s failure to reach an agreement earlier this week.

“We are hugely disappointed that industrial action is progressing despite the significant movements made and what we believed was constructive, continued engagement with the unions over the weekend and Monday,” Wood Group CEO Dave Stewart, said on an e-mailed statement.

Offshore Oil Workers Start 48-Hour Strike 

According to a statement issued by Unite the Union, the Wood Group has rejected the trade unions’ offer and workers will go ahead with the planned stoppage.

“In last-minute meetings this week, unions had offered to suspend the strike if the company agreed to remove their current proposal in full to allow for further consultation and negotiation. The company refused,” the statement reads.

This industrial action follows a 24-strike last week and a series of three-hour stoppages over the weekend.

According to Unite and RMT trade unions, members taking part in the strike are facing a pay cut of up to 30% and are unhappy about the switch to a three-work cycle.

Wood Group and Unions Fail to Reach Consensus 

Wood Group CEO Dave Stewart, said: “We had agreed to suspend the implementation of the terms and conditions currently proposed to enable further detailed discussions with our employees and the unions”.

“We believed the unions had also agreed to this during our meeting on Monday, which was attended by union representatives, shop stewards and Wood Group management,” he added

According to the CEO, the company is “hugely disappointed” about the strike after having urged the unions “to show willingness to reengage with us with a clear objective of reaching a resolution that safeguards employment opportunities for our employees, both now and in the future”.