Oil & Gas Terrorist Attacks Far From Over

Published at 03:30PM - 08/07/16

As the Nigerian oil and gas sector believed it was entering a thirty-day truce with the terrorist group Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), attacks have resumed on the region’s pipeline and wellhead infrastructure.

The group just claimed responsibility for an attack on a pipeline in Nigeria’s Bayelsa state, owned by Aiteo and Eni.

“At about 3 AM to 5 AM, the Niger Delta Avengers blew up Nembe 1, 2, 3 and Tebedaba brass trunkline in Bayelsa/River States,” the Group said in its website.

Oil & Gas Terrorism Attacks Far From Over

Earlier this week, the NDA had already claimed another attack on Chevron manifolds in the Warri Local Government Area.

Meanwhile, it has denied allegations that it was responsible for an attack on NNPC’s pipeline in Elemen on Tuesday, insisting that a fraudulent social media account had been used to claim responsibility for the attack.

The NDA posted photos of the alleged imposter’s page and announced it would close all its social media accounts to prevent any future misinformation.

“This Facebook Account/page is an impostor page that was opened by a fraudster to deceive the general public”, the group said in its website.

“We are warning any group that wants to do anything should go about their activities without tagging us,” it added.

Shell Lifts Force Majeure

Also this week, Royal Dutch Shell announced it had lifted a force majeure on the exports of Bonny Light crude oil.

This comes nearly two months after a militant group attacked a Shell pipeline.

Eni’s Brass River crude remained under force majeure declared after previous attacks, although it has been exporting crude despite the force majeure in place.

The Group has claimed responsibility for at least five attacks since Sunday, after two weeks without any attacks reported.

In late June, the Nigerian Petroleum Ministry had issued a statement saying that a month-long truce had been agreed but the NDA denied reaching such an agreement.

The fresh round of attacks is expected to cause further cuts into Nigeria’s oil exports, which had already reached a low point as a result on the damages caused on infrastructure.

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