Oil Workers Strike Ends in Norway

Published at 03:16PM - 11/10/16

The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association and the Industri Energi union have finally reached an oil service agreement, ending a three-week strike involving more than 300 Norwegian oil service workers.

The workers had gone on strike in September following a mediation over the collective oil service agreement between the Association and the union, which affected Schlumberger Norge, Baker Hughes Norge, Halliburton Norge, Oceaneering and Oceaneering Asset Integrity.

“We’re pleased to have reached agreement through the mediation process on a new collective pay agreement for the next two-year period,” lead negotiator at the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association, Jan Hodneland, said.

Oil Workers Strike Ends in Norway

According to a statement by the association, mediator Anne Cathrine Frøstrup put forward a proposal three hours past the deadline, which was accepted by both sides.

“The mediation result accords with the agreement reached between Norwegian Oil and Gas and Safe through earlier negotiations in May,” the statement adds.

Under the agreement, pay levels will be determined or negotiated at a local level in a frame settlement, which also clarifies this year’s company-based settlements.

Norway Strike Led to Massive Lay-Off Campaign

After three weeks of strike, Industri Energi won backing for its demand to even out wage differences between oil service employees and other oil workers,” Industri Energi chief negotiator Ommund Stokka said in a statement, as reported by media sources.

“We get a permanent change in the salary matrix that will benefit our members,” he added, explaining that this agreement comes as an outstanding enhancement for skilled workers in the oil service sector.

As a consequence of the strike, nearly 600 people have been laid off in the member companies of the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association.

According to the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, these rig companies also laid off approximately 1,700 employees during the strike.