PHOTOS: Newbuild Liftboat Launched in China

Published at 03:21PM - 26/10/16

Mekers Offshore Ltd has successfully launched its first liftboat of a series at Dajin Heavy Industries yard in Jiangsu, China.

Aqualis Offshore had been contracted by Mekers Offshore last year to supervise the construction of the company’s series of liftboats.

“We are very pleased with the launch of this first liftboat, which was carried out safely, on schedule and in a professional manner by all parties,” Mekers Offshore Deputy General Manager, Dr. Cang, said.

PHOTOS: Newbuild Liftboat Launched in China

 “Aqualis Offshore has done a solid job in making the launch and construction project to date a success,” he added.

The event counted on many government representatives and top officials from Mekers Offshore and the Bestway Dajin shipyard, which also provided detailed engineering.

PHOTOS: Newbuild Liftboat Launched in China
This is the first of a series of two liftboats

Under the contract, Aqualis Offshore served as Mekers Offshore’s on-site team to monitor and supervise the construction of the liftboat, to ensure that all work was carried out in accordance with the contract, its specifications, the client’s expectations, flag and class requirements, Aqualis explained in a statement.

Series of Two Liftboats Ready by End-2017

Meker Offshore’s liftboat consists on a four-leg DP2 self-propelled vessel with the capacity to work at a depth of 70 metres (229.65 feet).

The vessel can accommodate up to 250 people and is designed to work on well interventions with a large open deck area capable of carrying equipment and supplied for various offshore activities.

Additionally, the unit is capable of rapid development to provide a stable platform in its elevated position for maintenance and construction work.

The first liftboat should be delivered in the first quarter of 2017, with the second unit to follow later in 2017.

PHOTOS: Newbuild Liftboat Launched in China
The second unit will be delivered before end-2017