Pig Shuts Down Erskine Field Production

Published at 10:54AM - 17/03/16

Operators Serica Energy have confirmed that a stuck pig has shutdown their North Sea Erskine Field, with production likely to be out till mid April.

The UK based production company announced the shutdown Thursday, saying: “Equipment to safely clear the pipeline is being deployed and the field is expected to recommence production mid-April.”

Pig Shuts Down Erskine Field

Pigging operations had been taking place on the subsea pipeline linking the Erskine and Lomond platforms when one of the pigs became stuck.

Serica confirmed that pigging had already been completed successfully on the Lomond to Everest pipeline, prior to starting on the Erskine and Lomond line.

With the Erskine’s main export line now blocked, Serica Energy are forced to stop all production until it can be cleared.

Erskine Pipeline Blocked

A statement released by Serica states that specialist equipment to extract the pig has already been mobilised to Erskine. However the operation to safely clear the blockage is expected to be completed during mid April, resulting in more than one month of production outage.

The news wont be welcomed by the operators who had been pushing to increase its output from the Erskine field; with averages of 3,228 barrels of oil equivalent per day achieved during a period covering January and February 2016.

A Spokesman for Serica Energy commented: “The overall impact is to reduce Q1 average production to approximately 2,100 boe per day net to Serica, compared to previous guidance of 2,500 to 3,000 boe per day.”

“The impact on April production will depend upon how quickly the field can be restarted.”

Serica’s  Chairman, Tony Craven Walker, added: “We expect this strong performance to continue once the pig has been recovered and production has resumed.”