Prosafe Wins More Statoil Work On Offshore Mariner

Published at 10:21AM - 04/01/16

Prosafe has won more Statoil work on the offshore Mariner development, although the work scheduled to start in 2016 has been moved back to 2017.

Cypriot based Prosafe, operator of the world’s largest fleet of offshore accommodation vessels, confirmed the news Monday (Jan 4th ).

Prosafe Wins More Statoil Work

The original contract held with Statoil would have seen Prosafe work on the the giant Mariner development during 2016 for a duration of 8 months.  However the heavy oil offshore project, in the UK sector of the North Sea, has been put back, paving the way for a renegotiation of contracts.

Under the new contract, Prosafe will supply Statoil with a semisubmersible accommodation vessel, from Q3 of 2017, for a duration of 13 months. The latest contract also includes 6 options, each of one-month duration.

The revised contract, has increased the value of the work by 73%, from US$76.3 million to US$131.8 million.

Prosafe will supply Statoil with one of two accommodation vessels, the newly delivered Safe Boreas or the under construction Safe Zephyrus. Both vessels have been designed to accommodate 450 offshore workers.

Offshore Mariner Development

The US$7 billion Mariner development sits in the UK sector of the North Sea. Statoil was due to start development in 2016, with production expected in 2017.

However this has been put back, with development starting in Q3 of 2017 and production now expected in 2018.

Located approximately 93.2 miles (150km) east of the Shetland islands, Mariner is due to produce heavy oil, from a reservoir holding reserves of 250 million barrels of oil, with  production expected to peak at around 55,000 barrels of oil per day.

The Mariner Field will consist of a platform on a steel jacket, containing all drilling, production and living quarters.

A Floating Storage Unit (FSU), will also be built, to allow bunkering of oil to tankers as opposed to piping oil produce back to shore via pipeline.