Annular BOP

Published at 11:46AM - 24/06/14

The Annular blow-out preventer  often known as Annular BOP, Annular Preventer or occasionally Hydril Preventer, is a large valve that sits at the top of a BOP stack during drilling operations, used to control drilling fluids.

The annular BOP gets its name from the rubber annulus or doughnut shaped sealing element that compacts around the drill pipe by mechanical compression.

Its advantage over a Ram BOP is that it is able to seal around any pipe or tool differing in size or irregular surface, bit it drill pipe, drill collar, casing, tubing packers or guns.


The slide below shows the annulus sealing element out of the BOP, a cutaway of the Annular BOP with sealing element in place and the Annular BOP in its working state on top of the BOP stack.

Annulus sealing element from BOP, a cutaway Annular BOP showing sealing element in place and Annular BOP in working place top of BOP stack


Below is an animation showing the workings of an Annular BOP.


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